Ban for no reason/Unban please

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Ban for no reason/Unban please Empty Ban for no reason/Unban please

Post  F_ck.u on Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:27 pm

Dear AA clan,
Today around 1pm Eastern Time,
An admin of the CS: S WC3 mod Server banned me for no reason.
He was banning everyone for no reason.I remembered a member of your clan was there and he can approves what I'm saying.
I think he's new because of his low level and he doesn't have his admin client yet.
Anyway, the one who banned didn't have the clan name on his nickname and he was like childish...& he was selling admin clients.
He banned one of your clan member's friend.I asked why he was banning him without a reason.He answered me 'cause he felt like it.Then he said are you telling me what to do.I didn't answer then he banned me.
I added Smartguy1319[Clan owner] on XFire but he's not on yet.So if someone can unban me it will be really appreciated.
My XFire username is:berserkichigo
& You can also add me on STEAM:NTPGhost


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Ban for no reason/Unban please Empty Re: Ban for no reason/Unban please

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:39 am


I will unban you.


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